Organize Conferences & Social Events

The Blue Sky city beach hotel is the ideal choice for the organization of conferences and social events.

Our professionalism and the availability of up-to-date fully equipped facilities guarantee their success. Two multipurpose halls are available at the hotel as well as the support of business Center, which can, for the most part, cover your needs.


The fully-equipped rooms of the Blue Sky city beach hotel are ideal for the organization of conventions and professional meetings.

The Blue Wave room has a capacity of 150 places (theater type) or 120 places (school type).

Full audiovisual equipment is available and the room can be divided into two smaller rooms , both of which can be lit with sunlight.

In addition, the Wave Event Venue room is available for the hosting of smaller conventions.

The hotel also has a meeting room for up to 8 people and fully equipped office for private meetings or for secretarial support services.


Exclusive and private in location. Elegantly appointed in design. Unwaveringly attentive in our level of service. From cocktail parties, to gala dinners and more, we are committed to making each special occasion extraordinary.

The multipurpose Wave Events Venue room is the ideal venue for hosting social events.

It can be perfectly meet the needs of any social occasion such as:
– Children’s parties (with a dance floor, DJ and bar )
– Adult parties (with a dance floor, DJ and bar )
– The Blue Wave Room can host a banquet for up to 100 people